Tech Manufacturer Reduces Five Step Workflow Down To One With TASKalfa MFPs Loaded With DMS Link


A growing tech manufacturer was held back by a cumbersome 5-step scanning and emailing process. Employees, including IT personnel, were getting frustrated.


TASKalfa MFPs loaded with DMS Link 4.0 for its scan-to-email capabilities and OCR technology. 5 steps are now down to 1 and business is booming.


A technology manufacturer was converting images into Microsoft Word® files via Optical Character Recognition (OCR), then emailing those files to coworkers, vendors, and clients via a laborious 5-step process. As their business grew, this system failed to keep pace.

When they called for bids, their primary request was a network of devices that featured scan-to-email and OCR capabilities. But more than that, they needed to save time.

Only the KYOCERA Dealer could provide a solution that would reduce the number of steps in their process, and stay within their budget. KYOCERA MFPs, along with KYOCERA’s DMS Link 4.0 offered the required capabilities, streamlining workflow at minimal cost.

The once cumbersome series of tasks was now a seamless one-step operation. Countless hours have are being saved and the company continues to prosper, with scalable solutions in place to automatically adapt to future growth.

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KYOCERA Sees Your Company Differently

We see your information, your documents. We assess the processes you use to run your business - day to day, minute to minute - and find ways to make them more efficient, more cost-effective, and more secure.

KYOCERA's Total Document Solutions approach is about identifying each customer's specific needs, then designing a customized solution, a unique combination of hardware, software and services that help your business run more productively.

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