Kyocera OmniWorx,
powered by Hyland!

An Enterprise-level Solution
for the SMB Marketplace.

SMB Business Challenges – Solved!

+ Accounts Payable: Easily track, manage, and approve invoices throughout
the payment process. Quickly retrieve supporting documentation or send to
individuals for review. Workflow automation includes the ability to
automatically approve invoices based on preset criteria.

+ Contract Management: Easily store all contracts in one central repository
and facilitate the contract review process. Securely transmit contracts to your
external partners and receive them back digitally. Always be informed and
alerted when a contract is approaching expiration.

+ Human Resources Onboarding: Always be informed where a new employee
stands in the process of joining your organization. Through defined criteria of
required documents, you can visually determine if an employee has completed
all required forms and documents or what may be outstanding.

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